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    Update von Harrow House Swanage:

    We have a slight change to our ‘Town’ policy. Parents can’t give permission to students under 12 to go into town after classes have finished any longer. The only exception to this is if an under 12 has a sibling at the school, who is over 14 or over and goes into town with them.

    Under 12s can go in town with staff or (their) group leader(s).

    The rest of the procedure with going into town stays the same.

    Junior students are allowed to go into Town after classes have finished. They must sign the Junior signing out book which is kept in the Residential Office. Student must complete: Date, Name, Age, Bedroom Number, Time out columns then after returning from town they must complete the row with Time In.


    • No under 12s allowed into town unless we have parental permission AND they have an older sibling, must be 14 or over.
    • Last signing out time 20:30
    • Must be back by 21:30
    • Must go into town with a minimum of one other student, i.e. not allowed into town alone
    • Be careful of the road and walk on the pavements

    The “signing out book” is checked by Residential Staff at 21:30 for any junior students who are either late, or forgot to sign back in.

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