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    Von unserer Sprachschule in Wellington erreicht uns folgende Nachricht:

    “We would like to remind you that is is compulsory of anyone studying in NZ to have medical AND travel insurance. Recently we have noticed that students have been arriving with insurance cover that is not sufficient particularly in regards to the travel component.

    If students do not come with sufficient cover they will be required to purchase another policy.”

    Hier die Voraussetzungen für eine Versicherung, die die neuseeländischen Gesetzesanforderungen erfüllen:

    Student Insurance cover requirements

    All international students are required to have comprehensive medical AND travel insurance for the duration of their stay in New Zealand. This is a requirement of the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students set by the NZ Ministry of Education.

    Students should hold combined travel and medical insurance cover on one policy but separate policies are permitted as long as they both cover the minimum requirements. A life insurance policy is not acceptable.

    The insurance policy should commence the day the student leaves their home country, cover transit and cover the time they are a student in NZ.

    The policy should cover the following:

    • Should range from general practitioner visits and prescriptions through to major hospitalization, optical cover and emergency dental cover
    • It is preferable that no excess is applied to medical claims
    • Emergency evacuation/repatriation (the cost of getting the student home) – it is best if the policy has an “unlimited cover” as this needs to cover paying for the possibility of medical professionals traveling home with the student. Or if the student needs to go home for a sick family member then the cost of them going home and coming back to NZ.
    • Accompanying relative cover (if family needs to come over for emergency reasons)

    • Personal liability cover if a student causes accidental damage to property (eg at the homestay or in school)
    • Personal effects including items such as laptops, cameras etc
    • Cover any travel to another country while they are studying in NZ or any travel home during holidays.
    • Loss of baggage and other personal effects
    • Accident and injury
    • Disruption to travel plans eg: a natural disaster causing flights to be cancelled
    • Cost of medical care in any “stopover” country

    It is important that the sums insured are very high so they will not be exceeded in a possible claim. A range from at least NZ$600,000 to “unlimited cover” is required.

    The insurance provider must have an excellent credit rating, and provide emergency 24-hour. 7-day-per-week cover.

    Students must be able to provide a “certificate of currency” and policy wording from the insurance company stating what the student has purchased and the duration and amount of the cover. This must be in English.

    Please note if students do not come with sufficient cover they will be require to purchase another policy.

    Weitere Infos zu Versicherungen für Sprachreisen finden Sie hier: http://www.direkt-sprachreisen.de/Versicherungen/ .

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