• 28Aug

    This is the third-biggest sporting event in the world. It takes place 9 September to 23 October.   Up to 85,000 tourists will come to New Zealand. Teams from 20 countries will play 48 games. More than 4 billion people will be watching the games on television!   Already there’s a festival atmosphere. The New Zealand All Blacks have just won three warm-up games against Australia, Fiji and South Africa.   Students can choose go to matches – or just feel part of the fun. Special activities are being planned everywhere.

    On opening night, 9 September, Auckland will hold the biggest party the city has ever seen.

    In Wellington, people will be wearing rugby jerseys to work on Fridays. There will be a competition for dressing up homes, cars and offices with rugby-theme decorations.

    And much more!

    Click here for information on all the games.

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